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Examples of things that can not be done with a passive residence in Andorra

Today I am going to write a series of things that we have seen many times with passive residences that can not be done.


A very usual operation is to make a passive residence to buy a flat or have savings and not declare them. This without a tax residence is basically giving money back to the state of origin. The bank or any entity will have to declare the existence of an account, residence or derivatives, the state of origin will be informed, investigated and a major problem will occur. When you reside in country X fiscally you have the obligation to communicate ALL the assets that you have abroad. A passive does not prevent that.


Some notes on the risks of passive residence in Andorra

We have talked about this issue many times in the past, but there are still situations in which there is abuse of passive residences in Andorra. That is why I want to write another article reviewing some points already discussed and talking about new ones.


A small chronology on the state of means of payment in Andorra

One question that comes to us continuously is how the payment system in Andorra is developing. This doubt is due to the fact that in Andorra we are outside the SEPA area and in general outside of everything, so, at the level of transfers, Paypal, TPVs, etc. is a bit more complicated than in other jurisdictions. So, with an eminently technological customer like ours, the questions about how the system of means of payment is advancing are not unusual.


Comparison between Andorra and Gibraltar in order to invest or reside in them

Sometimes it has happened to us that a customer hesitates between Andorra and Gibraltar in order to establish a company in a low tax legislation. Both are in the Iberian Peninsula and the tax rates are identical, but the differences are very large when you go to review the details of each case.


A little guide to go to France from Andorra

This is a very personal text in which I want to explain a little how it is to go to France from Andorra. I go a lot and I want to give a solution to very basic questions that people usually ask me.


First, you must have contact wheels or chains, but ALWAYS equipment. It may snow in April and you can easily fit in. It is extraordinarily common to find people without equipment riding a mess on the entrance road. With some "socks / chains of cloth" left over, but take something.


What are the limitations of passive residence in Andorra?

Passive residences are one of the types of residence offered in Andorra. Basically it is for people who do not carry out a professional activity in the principality and in principle it is very simple. However, in practice you have some risks that have to be considered if you want to have a residence process as safe as possible.


Why do self-employed residents of Andorra have such a low dropout rate in the country?

One of the peculiarities of Andorra is its high level of quality of life. There are many people who are initially interested in the country due to their low taxes. Then, later, they discover that to reside in Andorra is to enjoy a great level of life.


Advantages and disadvantages of creating a company in Andorra

It is normal for an foreign entrepreneur not to know the real advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in Andorra. Moreover, he may have the wrong think that Andorra is a tax haven. This is a very big error since the legislation has changed a lot.