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Live in Andorra

Andorra has chosen a new economic model based in the liberalization of the foreign investment. Now is possible to create societies with 100% foreign capital, opening a wide set of strategic opportunities to the international investor, profiting from low taxes and worker costs. Also, is possible to crear a society for living in the country, like any other citizen of this small country.

Also, Andorra is a prosper economy, with a free market, open and flexible. Their residents enjoy a high life quality level and a GDP of 47657$ in 2014, far away from Spain and France (35200$ and 41400$ respectively).1.
Well communicated
Well communicated

Road access with France and Spain. Also, an airport 10 minutes away!

Great safety
Great safety

In Andorra, streets are safe and clean. The country has one of the tiniest criminality rates in the world.

Modern infrastructure
Modern infrastructure

The country has some advanced infrastructures and adapted to new times

High quality of life
High quality of life

Tranquility, security and medical services make andorran life expectancy the highest in Europe

Tech adapted
Tech adapted

All the country has optic fiber internet, 4G and in general a great TIC access.

Professionals at your fingertips
Professionals at your fingertips

Andorra has a modern enterprise system, where you can see all your needs met.

High level of satisfaction
High level of satisfaction

Generally, people who come to reside in Andorra gets adapted to the country sooner and better than expected.

Premier tourist services
Premier tourist services

Services like hotels, ski slopes, spas and others are one of the best in the world.

Main advantages


A paradise between the mountains

Andorra has snow, lakes, spas, free air, pure water...


Live in Andorra

A lot of people wants to live in Andorra, for his almost non-existen criminality, high live quality, low tax pressure or privacy.


Without any doub the contry is a great place, with a lot of services, but residence is not free. Noone can simple live here, everyone has to have some requirements, which depend if we choose a pasive or active residence type.


In the following text, we offer you the two nicest ways to reside in Andorra.

Pasive residency

This residence is designed for people outside the European community who want to live inside it. Its important to know that Andorra is outside the community, but there freedom of movement. There mustn't be any activity or if it is, it should be outside Andorra in an 85%. You will get whole residence with all its advantadges with only 90 days per year. You have to acomplish the following requisites:


  1. Invest more that 400 mil euros in Andorran assets (houses, capital shares in andorran companies, finnancial instruments...
  2. Put 50 thousand euros in an INAF account without remuneration
  3. Put 10 thousand euros more for every person at your care
  4. Be older than 18 or having lees age, being emancipated without being judicially incapacited
  5. Have no penal records
  6. Accredit enough economic assets
  7. Have an insurance that covers sickness, dependency and oldery
  8. Owning or tenant housing or be in the process of acquiring it
  9. Signing commitment of residence and maintain safe abovementioned effect
From PSF manage absolutely all papers, we will get you in touch with the best real estate in the country to find your residence and with the best insurance brokers. We also help you with everything related to banks. We are here throughout all the period of residence willing to resolve questions and help you with what you need.
Active residence

For active residence the most popular solution is to create a society and be an administrator of it. You must reside 183 days in the principality and pay some social fees (ranging between 100 and 400 € per month).


It is ideal for EU citizens, allowing a huge tax savings (at least 60% of company's tax and up to 100% of income tax) without problems with the country of origin. 


The requirements for building a society are not as agile as in other jurisdictions and usually take 45 days in total. From PSF we manage absolutely all papers, getting the most of the process and in touch with the best real estate in the country to find your residence as well as the best insurance broker you may need. We also help with everything related to banks for both society and for you. We are throughout the period of residence willing to resolve questions and help you with what you need. We also manage the opening of bank accounts.


A level accounting requirements and adminitrative requisites, we deal with absolutely everything so you do not have to worry about anything. From hypothetical payroll and accounting requirements through documentaries, we are here to any administrative service you need.

Other advantadges

Optic fiber with a coverage of 100%

The country has coverage optical fiber (100 mb symmetrical) in 100% of the country. Andorra is a fully adapted country to new technologies.

New economic model

Andorran economy traditionally has been based on the services and financial sector (trade and tourism). However, economic openness has diversified its economy with pillars such as education, health and ICT.

Next to everything!

Andorra is very close to its neighbors. In just 2.5 hours you can travel to Barcelona and other cities are within short distances. Low taxation very close to you.


Productivity 4