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Strategic consulting

Solutions focused on your business to be the industry leader

Management is an increasingly professionalized area, in a world where companies are increasingly in more complex situations and modern markets and grow faster. Many times we find problems not only affect the marketing or web presence, but also affect purest strategic issues. That is why from PSF we offer new solutions to our customers.


General questions
  • What is it? - What is strategy and strategic consulting? Open or Close

    Strategy is synonymous with Long Term . "Strategy" is ... a way. A path that should lead Our company to position of competitive advantage in the sector getting to stay there (it's not about winning point but to get a position and a dominant style in the sector).  

    The consultancy is (or should be) a training aid point in time, in which it is intended inoculate the strategic method in the business culture to leave it as a legacy, increasing the degree of enterprise hygiene and inserting factors such as innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Why? - Why is it important to lead with a business strategy?Open or Close

    Any current market must face two main challenges, among others: the phenomenon of globalization and the technological revolution . Both factors pose threats and opportunities, what is known as " turbulence ". The extent to which confronts this turbulence will make a difference that can take the company to a position of competitive advantage in your sector.

    The strategy reflects on the long-term goals and short translated into action , concrete and specific. This is to assemble the ladder, step by step that should take the company to the desired level.

  • Who? - What types of businesses may be of interest?Open or Close

    Both companies inserted in the market, and companies immature , each for their reasons, require a business strategy. The first not to die for lack of innovation and the second not to fail in their attempt to gain a position in the market sustainably.

    Of course the strategy of certain natural leaders can be quite successful without advance planning but these cases are very isolated, associated with great minds. For all others is valuable professionalize reflection on the current state, define (very consistent) the " you want to become" (Vision) and draw the path unambiguous for all the internal team to go in the same direction and give external personal a know of where it goes our organization.

    Conclusion: from one-person businesses to large companies, both private (to improve its market position) public (to increase efficiency and sustainability) are candidates incorporate the strategic method in your corporate culture.

  • How? - How will be my experience with your methodology?Open or Close

    PSF bases its advice on two pillars: Independence and mobility.

    INDEPENDENCE : Once the SBU (Strategic Business Unit) is consensuated with the client, we do the six initial sessions generally required for creating the the first Strategic Plan and define the indicators that form the first Balanced Scorecard. the first plan should be imperfect to avoid paralysis by analysis and be progressively refined. Later sessions are for accompanying the client in a monthly basis, during the first year. If the team is mature and the method has been successfully introduced, consulting is proactively terminated, remaining at customer demand. Therefore, it tends to "teach to fish" rather than "giving fish".

    AGILITY : PSF is opposite of bureaucracy and annoying paperwork, as well as minutes of meetings and long powerpoints that are not exploitable. PSF supports its strategic consultancy on the web tool PEON . This tool allows a full strategic analysis in a living tool that is interactive for all users involved and it organizes the Balanced Scorecard so all indicators can be in the form of strategic map in a single look.

Using proprietary software

We use a unique software developed by Ángel Herraiz which eliminates much of the bureaucracy faced by modern companies. Enjoy a usable strategic plan from the first minute.

Start the path to the future
Adapted to you

 Our services are a tailored suit for our customers. Each service is unique.


What makes us essential?

- Tangibility: our strategic consulting model is based on a web tool for translating long-term objectives in short ones, assigned to specific people in specific time frames, thus promoting maximum achievement of the corporate vision.

- Ethics : the advice of PSF will tend to give the customer maximum independence. It is our understanding of consulting, which is very different to other consulting offers.


- Performance : We offer adjusted prices for services rendered, ie, variable according to the consulting hours realized and closed according to project price. It is a form of reward the most active teams and involved . The sooner the company internalizes the method sooner will archieve independence and continue using the software without consulting.


- Passion : The PSF strategic consultants are truly passionate about helping companies improve their positioning and sustainability. Any achievement and improvement in out customer gives us a great joy.


- Resonance : our consultants are characterized by high communication skills and mastery of personal relationships. There is no achievements if there is no credibility. There can be no credibility if there is no trust. There can be no confidence if there is not a good link with the team and the consultant. The creation of the link is basic and therefore be a resounding consultant cornerstone, so it is a quality required in our team.