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PSF emerges in 2013 as a company dedicated to helping all those who seek to reside in the principality and to provide a strong online presence to the entities that need it. It operated from its beginnings like a "networked company", with several collaborators who were part of the work and a nucleus in the country that was dedicated to the subjects that concerned exclusively to Andorra. Over the years and growth we have internalized many of the functions and expanded the team, although we continue to have a group of collaborators that become essential in times of hard work.


We work to offer services of integral consultation of maximum quality, exigence and personalization to companies and particulars that want to use Andorra as a way of patrimonial optimization or international expansion for their business. We want to achieve the leadership of the integral consultation in the country.


We want to give service to all the people who want to reside in the country or to give a boost to its brand always maintaining a level of technology and service as high as possible.





Miguel Alquézar - Management

He finished the degree in Computer Applications Development in Alcaniz and later went into the financial market first as a systems programmer and later as a trader. During those years he completed his graduate studies in DBA and later made a Master in Banking, Financial Markets and Wealth Management with the EAE. He also took a course in Financial Advisor by the UPV. He also studied an MBA with an international specialization.


He has done consulting for various clients both in strategy and tax matters. Accustomed to offer integral solutions, it deals with queries regarding computer or fiscal issues. When a matter that requires knowledge of investment markets appears, is also responsible for taking such job.

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Yolanda Cuerva - Accountant and laboral expert

Degree in Pedagogy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Master in Strategic Management from the University of León. 16 years ago, his professional career began in the main center of Aesthetic Medicine at the moment, for 5 years later, embark on the startup of the first Biological and Aesthetic Medicine center of the country, participating from its creation to its consolidation as a reference center in the sector.


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Nuria Roca - Social Networking and Online Marketing

Degree in Business Administration and Management, Master in Financial Markets, Master in Marketing Management and Commnunity Management. She began his career in the financial sector, initially in the area of Training, as head of department and a posteriori in the Department of Maketing.

For more than 10 years she has developed Product Manager tasks in charge of the proposal, launching and monitoring of banking products of his entity, as well as the coordination of all related aspects of communicatiohen.

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Jordi Pumarola - Sole shareholder
He graduated in Economics from the UAB, is Co-active Coaching certified by the Coaching Training Institute, Masters in PNL by the Gestalt Institute, graduated in team coaching, organizational and relational systems by ORSC, leadership expert for CTI. He founded several companies related to the Family Office, computer and coaching. It also serves as visiting professor of "Financial-Estate Planning" at the Institute of Financial Studies and "Modern Management in Organizations" at the Master MBA in B.E.S. La Salle.
His knowledge level of financial education and consulting are extremely extensive. He is a specialist with a huge experience in coaching and helps us and our customers with everything related to training and complex issues of private banking. He always has the answer for everything and if not, finds it.

We are looking for marketing and accounting profiles, if you think you may find, contact with us!